Thursday, March 27, 2008

Really? A paper notebook? What's the big deal?

moleskines_largeruled81I used to think I was allergic to trendy.  In high school, I refused to wear jeans because "everybody was wearing them."  I refused to watch Titanic because "everybody was talking about it."  The thought of doing something because it was cool or "in" just made me puke.

Now I realize that I'm only allergic to certain trends.  The nerdy ones?  I'm a sucker for 'em, probably for the reason they became trends in the first place.  Google?  Gmail?  Blog?  iPhone?  They had me at hello.

And now I am a sucker for another obscure trend.  A buddy of mine fell first.  I wondered what the big deal was, I really did.  But then curiosity got the better of me.

I tried to fight it, tried to hold out.  I kept passing by the racks at Borders, Powell's, other places, wondering what all these huge racks of journals were all about.  Then I started seeing articles on about these same journals:  the legendary, world-famous Moleskine notebook.

Used a Borders coupon today to get one on the cheap (couldn't bring myself to pay $18 for a 240 page ruled notebook), but once I got that baby home, I never looked back.  I love my new Moleskine.  And I'm a trendy fool who doesn't care who knows it.


Alan said...

Timmy's pappa has 3 of them. A 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 sketchbook and the same size in landscape for watercolor, and a smaller watercolor book. They are waiting in the wings for me to finish up my other sketchbook which is not a moleskine.

Timmy's Pappa

Big Mike Lewis said...

Mwah hah hah! Jason AND Tim are now using Moleskine!? I see that I do have some influence on people.

You gotta hack it though...don't use "as is".

Tim Lewis said...

Yeah...I actually blame my brother.

James Wood said...

I've only got two - I have a 5.25x8.25 journal for notes and thoughts and sermons and stuff and I have a pocket-reporter that I use as a GTD system. (Check it and )

I got my big one in Memphis, so Mike had no influence on me there, but he inspired me to look into the GTD hacks, so he really is the Moleskine Evangelist that he claims to be.

I highly recommend the post-it tabs for some organizational awesomeness.

Hack away!

James Wood said...

Dude, I hate when the HTML gets jacked. Sorry, the links are both still there though.

I also like the Zebra collapsible pen to go with the Moleskine - it fits very nicely under the elastic band.


Tim Lewis said...

I only use mine for notes and ideas for a book I think needs to be written. Whether or not I actually get around to finishing it remains to be seen.

preacherman said...

I enjoy reading your blog brother.
I read it daily.
It has been such a blessing to my life.
I hope that God continues to bless your life in way you have never thought of or dreamed.
Have a wonderful week brother!
I pray that all is going well in Salem, OR
in Him,
Kinney Mabry
1 Tim 4:12

Anonymous said...

Whoa...time you're ok writing in the pages of this "journal" but not in the pages of other "journals"???

Oh, I'm confused...

Tim Lewis said...

It doesn't count if you impose your ideas onto other of your own ideas.

Rachel said...

Hey Jason!

This made me laugh..
Very much!

I own one of those.