Thursday, January 20, 2005

Which comic book movie ought to be next?

Tonight at the Dragonfly Cafe, Jake, Matthew, Eric, and I were discussing which comic book movie ought to be done next. (Not that I think that any should be made next... That's another post.)

We discussed the fact that most comic book movies are posers (Daredevil, Elektra, Punisher, Catwoman, most of the Batman franchise), so this would have to be one that could hold its water in terms of a good story and good acting in the midst of our cynical culture.

We discussed a few thoughts (Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer came to mind), but ultimately it came down to one very cool possibility.

What if they made a movie about the Marvel superhero Thor? He's not cheesy, doesn't need a lot of costume help, has a great backstory (Norse sagas, anyone?), and could fit well with the anachronism theme. Heck, Neil Gaiman thought it might work. Pull it down out of the vapors of speculative fiction into something your general moviegoer could appreciate, and you are home free. Pete Jackson (or Bryan Singer), are you reading this?


Tim Lewis said...

Now I'm sorry I couldn't make that. I had a mountain of laundry to do and was at Kori's doing it for free. However, I'm one step ahead of you on this, and apparently so is the movie industry. Unfortunately, they're up to (or should I say down to) their usual standards for comic book movies: all CG and no acting. I fear they are about to butcher my favorite comic book character of all time, far surpassing even Spider-man, who I love and adore (I think I just want to be him).

Ghost Rider is and has been my favorite due to its dark nature, his satanic past, and his search for penance for hardened criminals. We're not talking 7-11 robberies and shoplifting, but murderers and rapists. I heard about and saw their plans for this movie, and the second I saw "Nicholas Cage", it forced me into a frenzy that shattered my monitor and splintered the desk from fists of pounding fury and rage. It may not suck as much as I think it is going to, but after Daredevil my hopes have been seriously trod upon.

I saw the trailer for Sin City, and was very much impressed and even excited about how good it looks. For those who like a little more obscure comics, this may be the cure for the cookie-cutter crap that's wished it was X-men or Spider-man. I would also check out the other movie rumors or in the works on that website previously linked to. The other one I was looking at that may actually work and not give homage to a Hoover vac is Iron Man, even with the high profile lead rumor. (Can you tell I have some opinions about comic book movies? I love the idea of superheroes, which is why I loved Unbreakable and The Incredibles.)

Jake Shore said...

I have to disagree Ted. My polling numbers tell me that Northstar would do very well in Canada where our favorite flying fairy originates. After all he is a member of Canada's favorite Superhero team - Alpha Flight! Now that would be a grand spectacle; watching Guardian, Snowbird, Sasquatch, Puck, Northstar and his sister get crushed by the Avengers. Actually that would be too easy. How about the West Coast Avengers? No, still too easy. How about a couple of off-duty S.H.E.I.L.D. agents vacationing in Alberta.

Personally I would like to them to go back and redo Hulk and Daredevil. Short of that there are a couple of possibilities.

Ghost Rider would be cool and fit right into the the Blade/Punisher category.

Silver Surfer would be cool, but it would be very difficult to do well.

Team movies are tough, but an Avengers or Justice League movie would be awesome. If they did a movie version of the Ultimates, it would be fantastic.

I like the Dr. Strange idea, but my guess is that it would be done really dark and psychotic.

One of my favorite ideas from last night was a Secret Wars movie. My only demand is that the Beyonder has to wear that 80s jumpsuit from the comic.

I have a question...Who would you cast as the Beyonder?

ted said...

I don't think Alpha Flight could handle two off duty S.H.I.E.L.D agents. I think they would need something a little more in their power league like, say, Gleek the Wonder Twins' monkey from Super friends or that lady who was on the first season of the A-Team. I agree with both Jake and Tim that Ghost Rider is just right for a movie, and Silver Surfer would be a stretch for just about any director to not make into a steaming pile. Dr. Strange would be one I'd like to see, but I also agree that it's too easy for someone to screw up.

Secret Wars is something that is so crazy in terms the scope of the movie that I'd actually like to see them do it. And, yes, Beyonder would have to wear his Skate Disco jump suit with both the zipper neckline zipped way down and the collar turned up. In my version of the film, Beyond would be tenderly portrayed by none other than Barry Williams, TV's Greg Brady himself.

Gunslinger said...

I just want to point out two things: One, the whole Thor thing was my idea. Yay me. Two, I thought that the only idea Jake really got behind, was my theory that the Transformer "Bumble Bee" (Jake has some obsession with this character) was the representation of the gay Transformer. Also, guys, stop posting comments that are more than 2 paragraphs long. People like me with Adult onset ADD can't pay attention that long.

Alien Shaman said...

Pulling from the esoteric corner, how about something by Burton drawing on the feel created by Simon Bisley with his interpretation of Melting Pot or Lobo? My favorite comic character of all time is Hunter Rose, aka, Grendel.