Thursday, February 17, 2005

A little corner of the Inklings' world

I ran across an impressive blog that celebrates and ponders the works of that infamous group of literary heroes, the Oxford Inklings. Tolkein, Lewis, Chesterton, and Williams are the best known of the group and these are the ones treated at this blog most often.

Here's a brief sample of the sorts of material you'll find there:

What do the Inklings have to teach us today?

Above all, and by example, it is the strength and beneficent power of the human spirit. Here we have...very different men, each with his own vision, and finding expression for it in very different ways. And yet there is a secret and subtle accord that unites them, not only in their personal friendship, but in all the interplay of circumstances that brought them together, and sparked recognition between them..."

Gareth Knight: “The Magical World of the Inklings”, Postscript.

I've always loved the works produced by this famed group of authors and the more I read and write in their long shadow, the more I find a home in the literary world.

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