Saturday, February 5, 2005

A tentative reading list...

So the bookshelf won another round this week. After talking about my inability to catch up with my books a few posts ago, I decided to go through my bookshelf and pick out some books to get serious about reading.

I made one list for fiction and one for nonfiction. Here goes:

Fiction List

The Book Of The Dun Cow, Wangerin

Revelation Space, Reynolds

The Brothers Karamozov, Dostoevsky

The Sparrow, Russell

Legend, Gemmell

The Lions Of Al Rassan, Kay

The Man In The Iron Mask, Dumas

Tank Lords, Drake

That Hideous Strength, Lewis

Soldier Of The Mist, Wolfe

Nonfiction List

Worship Evangelism, Mogenthaler

The Gospel In A Pluralist Society, Newbigin

Dungeon, Fire, And Sword, Robinson

The Unchurched Next Door, Rainer

The Mind Of The Maker, Sayers

The Emerging Church, Kimball

With Christ In The School Of Prayer, Murray

Pastor, Willimon

Come To The Table, Hicks

Citizen Soldiers, Ambrose

This ought to keep me busy for a few months. That is, provided I don't go to Borders and end up messing up my whole system...


ted said...

Hey Jason, wanna go to Borders?

Gunslinger said...

Ted, now that you mention it, I have been meaning to go to powells. J, you in?