Thursday, March 17, 2005

How much Diesel is too much? recently posted an article (please don't click on the link; it has a terrible picture of Vin doing the thing that I hate about him most...) mentioning plans to continue with Chronicles of Riddick:

A sequel to one of the most original and exciting pure sci-fi films in years is in the works, according to its larger-than-life star. Vin Diesel (Pitch Black, The Iron Giant, Saving Private Ryan) has told MTV News that work soon will begin on the sequel to the phenomenal 2004 genre outing The Chronicles of Riddick, which itself was a sequel to the very underrated 2000 sci-fi’er, Pitch Black. Once Diesel finishes work on the 2006 historical epic, Hannibal the Conqueror, he reports he will begin production on COR2, the second in what will be The Chronicles of Riddick Trilogy. The second film, he says, will take place in the ominously titled Underverse; the third will see Riddick’s return to his homeworld, Furia. He states COR2 will be rated R, unlike the PG-13 rated COR1. While COR1 did only $115.4 million worldwide (it cost $140 million), it did huge DVD business. Ultimately, I have a hunch that COR1 always will be on my most underrated films list. If you have yet to see it, watch it now. RIGHT NOW!

A sequel to Chronicles of Riddick? Call me cynical, but could it possibly hold up to the sheerly accidental coolness of the original? Exactly how much more legendary will Riddick become, given the fact that he went from scary con to superhuman combat machine in the second movie? Will he challenge the Beyonder in Underverse? (Actually, that might be worth seeing...)

Also, I hope you caught that other subtle comment: Diesel in a Hannibal historical movie? In the words of the immortal Ren, "...maybe something good, maybe something bad..."


Gunslinger said...

I think that about 5 minutes is just about enough. Actually Vin has been in several good movies, though not as a lead character. He has been a lead character in one good movie. I have not seen COR1, so this is my list of watchable movies with him in them prioir to COR1.

Voice over work in Iron Giant.

Small role in Boiler Room.

Pvt. Caparzo in Saving Private Ryan.

Supporting character in Knock Around Guys.

Pitch Black.

And that is just about it.

rebecca marie said...

ha ha ha. how much diesel is too much, you ask? i usta woulda said "any vin is too many vin."

now my answer is different, thanks to the vin diesel random fact generator. just keep hitting refresh my friend, hours of fun and laughter.