Tuesday, May 24, 2005

All fantasy worlds are roughly square. i.e. the double pages of a paperback

Okay, against my better judgment, I had to post this today. After recently returning to blogging after a long hiatus, this is setting a bad precedent, but here goes.

I have been spending some time lately working out ideas I have for some fiction. I'm finding that I neither have much time nor many great ideas, but that hasn't dissuaded me thus far. In searching for some source material on the net, I ran across a useful little site for several other of my faithful blog readers (and aspiring wanna-be fantasy writers like me).

How to write a best-selling fantasy novel.

The hilarious part is that the site is really only partially parody. The fact is, he isn't far off the mark. Look at what sells since Tolkein and you'll find nearly all of it in there. Cracks me up.


ted said...

Shocking how many of those apply to the three Star Wars prequels, isn't it?

I do take issue with the complaint that there's not enough sex in epic fantasy. I actually have a hard time finding fantasy (and especially Science Fiction) without sex, but then Jason, Jake and I have discussed this amongst ourselves probably far too much.

Gunslinger said...

Glorious. I like the tech gap part.... .44 magnum. Hahaha.

Tim Lewis said...

This is pretty much true. I thought it was hilarious, especially the lasso throwing skill and the note under #5:

Note: All fantasy worlds are roughly square. i.e. the shape of the double page of a paperback.