Friday, July 22, 2005

New research proves conclusively: Parental sleep and newborns are compatible!

This just in: the oft-quoted remarks about new parents falling dangerously behind on sleep have been found to be wholly false. While some newborns may impede some normal sleep functions for intermittent periods in the course of the first months of birth, some parents seem to be able to sleep while employing certain snuggling techniques as yet unexplored by research scientists.*

* Note: the persons in the photograph shown above are not actually sleeping. This photograph was staged in an effort to illustrate conclusive findings that are certain to arise out of the ongoing work in this field. Research scientists have yet to actually reproduce the results described above, but they are hopeful for a breakthrough any day now. Please send donations for this worthy cause to The Foundation for Sleep Recovery.


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Dwayne Hilty said...

I especially like your non-biased, professional research methods. Absolutely stellar!

Julie said...

Not that I ever, ever, ever read blogs or do any blogging myself...but I wanted to say THANKS for posting the coolest pics in the world of Katelyn! They are soooo precious!