Monday, August 8, 2005

Well on her way to becoming an extrovert

Katelyn is well on her way to becoming an extrovert. Starting about a week ago, we've had a lot of relatives and friends visit, each of which needed to take a turn holding her. Shown is my cousin Nicole. Nicole (bless her heart) had only seen Katelyn twice, and both times, she was in her beloved zonked-nap state. Nicole, who has spent a lot of time raising litters of kittens, asks, "Will she have her eyes open by Christmas?"

After the parade of cousins, Melissa and I left Katelyn with her grandparents for a few hours to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary (again, asleep like a stone for four hours, despite tickling and zerburts).

This last weekend was a teambuilding weekend for the staff of Cascade Hills, and Melissa "shared" holding-Katelyn duty with nearly everyone there. She loved it! And to top it off, we had a lot of guests at church yesterday, and Melissa kept having to look around to see who was holding Katelyn.

If every time an infant opened her eyes, she saw a different googling face for three days straight, I suppose she's probably going to end up a people person. Either that, or have a very confused grasp of the word "mama".


Alien Shaman said...

Very good to hear - both about the baby - and your 5 year anniversary - Congrats!

Rebecca said...

Was that Katelyn who was asleep for four hours despite tickling and zerberts or you and Melissa? :)