Thursday, November 24, 2005

Putting down roots...again

Yesterday marked the eighth move Melissa and I have undergone in the last five years. This one, like several other cross-town moves, has consisted mostly of heaving random items into anything that remotely resembles a box and flinging them headlong into every trailer, trunk, or glovebox that's available.

When you travel cross country, you are compelled to pack carefully and deliberately. Cross-town moves, however, are an exercise of my inherent tendency to avoid planning and foresight. Who cares how many car loads it takes? Who cares how many times I have to drive back to the other location to find the one piece of the item that didn't make the last trip? Who cares that everything takes twice as long?

Yep, it's time for Melissa and I to get used to yet another temporary (i.e., rental) living space on our search for a stable life. Since we aren't quite sure what's going to happen during the transition from outside support as church planters to inside support as a brand new congregation's minister in a few years, we aren't quite sure what our financial status will be. We've already been burned once by short-term home ownership, so buying a house was out. But, once Katelyn begins walking (which I am convinced is only seconds away), we were beginning to feel the constraint of a one-bedroom house.

So after looking half-seriously for the last six months, we found a great place very near to the elementary school where we meet as a church. We already love the new place--it has more than one drawer in the kitchen, and what's this? A new-fangled modern contrivance called a dishwasher? And our greedy friend the in-sink erator (that's a garbage disposal for those of you who have never read the arcane text on the little metal ring in the middle of your kitchen sink...) Yes folks, Melissa and I have moved out of the 1940's and back into the modern world.

At least it will be modern once our cable/broadband is installed next week.

But we don't mind, we'll hardly be done dragging carloads of cat hair, empty pop cans, and rickety furniture by then. Once we are settled, you can expect an invitation to our new home. Heck, we may be able to seat more than three people comfortably in the living room!


Alien Shaman said...

I think there is one good thing about moving - it gives you a chance to purge all of the things that aren't a necessity any longer. I have done very well at purging nick-nacks, and sadly some collectibles, because the reality is I havne't looked at them since college - so why would I now?

Kind of like my Warhammer gear. I haven't even opened the boxes since, ohh, 1997, but I'll be darned if I will get rid of them! Who knows, perhaps someday Eric will move to San Diego so I have someone to play with, or perhaps I will teach my kids how to play some day!

Dwayne Hilty said...

Yeah, Jason, I think you need to purge yourself of worldly items that are only a distraction to pursuing God. Like your tv, for instance. What a stumbling block!

As a good friend, I will offer myself to carry your burden. Yes, Jason, I will take your tv off your hands and bare the load of self-denial. I know, I can thank me later. Yes, this is a sacrifice that I will make for you.

Tim Lewis said...

You're going to bare the load, Dwayne? I don't want any part of that. I think the load should remain clothed.

rebecca marie said...

moving, like foosball and vicki vallencourt are from the DEBIL!