Friday, November 4, 2005

Somebody needs to figure out how to bottle this stuff...

The ancient asian cultures theorized that the matter all around us was composed of five basic elements: fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. Whether or not this is true, with Katelyn's latest antics, I have discovered a sixth: elemental joy.

She has recently learned a whole range of new vocabulary, and we were becoming accustomed to seeing the startled look on her face when a brand new sound left her lips. But it was another thing entirely when she discovered she could laugh--that might have been the most amazing sound I have ever heard! I could have sat and made my little girl laugh until Kingdom Come.

It is said the simplest things in life are always the best. Whoever said that must have had a little girl, too.

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Rebecca said...

I have been hiding out for the last couple of months. Life has been keeping me very busy! Katelyn is SO CUTE!!!!Baby laughter is one of my all time favorite things.