Monday, December 12, 2005

Experiments with growth acceleration in infants

Yep, I started her early. We were sitting in Starbucks waiting to head over to a Cascade Hills service project and I ended up with an extra-big (that's venti for you insiders) coffee because of a mix up. So there I was, sitting with my daughter on my lap, enjoying the delicious flavor of a little Christmas Blend, when I noticed that Katelyn was rather interested in the large red object that kept passing just over her head on its way to my mouth.

So I figured, hey, if she wants a little, I might as well give her a taste. Big mistake. Now, some of you might have heard the old saw about caffeine stunting your growth--it's simply not true. Shortly after this picture was taken, Katelyn gulped down the rest of my coffee, mumbling something about mellow, smooth notes. She jumped down off my lap, jogged over to the counter, ordered a triple mocha to go, and then asked for the car keys on the way out the door.

Who knew?


Greg Brooks said...

You are a funny man. My mother always said coffee would make me grow bumps on my tongue, and lo and behold she was right.

rebecca marie said...

heeee. i grew up on coffee... it's totally a normal thing in an italian family. it started out mostly milk and sugar with a splash of coffee, and slowly became more balanced, and finally reversed itself. we were on coffe with a splash of milk by around age ten. and i'm 5'5"... two inches taller than my mother. so keep her on it, it's all good.

ted said...

My dad always gave us a line of cock and bull about it making you grow hair on your toes/back/chest/face/you name it. I don't drink coffee and Eric does and there is little noticable difference between us in the body hair category. If anything my pelt is slightly thicker, though that may just be due to winter coming.

Tim Lewis said...


I just threw up in my mouth.

Justine said...

The picture of you snd your daughter is very precious... I hope things are going well for you and God Bless :)