Monday, January 23, 2006

Anchor points

When securely anchored, I have no fear of heights. Climbing and rappelling is a passion I began enjoying in college. On my very first trip to the cliffs, I discovered quickly what a difference a rope makes in your confidence on cliffs. Without a rope, I am limited to extreme caution and long trips around the rock face. With a rope, I am freed to enjoy the straight route--straight up or down, that is. Certainly there is still a surge of thrilling fear when looking over the edge, but the fear itself becomes part of the fun when I know I am securely anchored.

It is an oft-repeated pop culturism that faith in Christ is simply a crutch for people too weak to face up to the real world. I have found it just the opposite. Faith is the secure anchor to something beyond us, someone beyond us, who has guaranteed our future. Faith frees us to live as we were meant to live, in reckless pursuit of loving God and loving others. In faith, the Christian may look over the precipice into the chasm of the world's greatest dooms, and experience them as a momentary thrill of fear as we confidently pursue what is right and good.

When securely anchored, I have no fear of heights.

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James Wood said...

great analogy

I want to go rock climbing, but Memphis is devoid of things to climb.