Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Late night hacking

A few nights ago I caught Katelyn using the laptop we bought her for Christmas. At first I thought she was just banging on the keys, playing the cheap ripoff of "pong" that came with it, but then I realized she had written a new operating system and internet browser over the pre-installed software. When I asked her about it, she said, "ditti wa moooo teeetoe!" which I took to be some reference to open source licensing.

I checked her upload history, and all she had done was trade in some pirated HD-DVD and Blu-ray codecs. I gave her a stern talking to about international copyright agreements, and she promised she would respect the current culture of intellectual property. She added, "Datteee moww lalalaa", which was either an apology or a statement of conscience against corporate greed. Either way, she's well on her way to following in her daddy's nerdy footsteps.

Poor kid.

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James Wood said...

Baby sized laptop: $19.99
C++ manual: $16
Subscription to "Wired": $22
The next generation of super-baby-hacking-nerds: priceless

Thanks for sharing the joy and for your comments on my blog. I most certianly lol'd--just so you know, though I've never been to Jonesborro.