Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Awright you knuckleheads, who's in?

In a few hours from the time stamp of this post, that ol' reckless adventure or the National Novel Writing Month will start again.

I am completely and arbitrarily deciding as of this moment to throw my hat into the ring. I reserve the right at any moment to climb over the ropes and retrieve it, replace it sheepishly on my head, and excuse myself.

The first year of NaNo, I managed 15,000 or so words. The second year, I made it to over 30,000. If I keep up this trend, I could blow the doors off the thing and actually "win" NaNo, whatever that means.

What am I going to write? I learned last year that the best use of my NaNo time is to just keep pouring out text. No pre-planned stuff, no working from an outline, just a massive firehose of fantasy text generally pointed in the same direction. Yes, I know it won't make a coherent novel. Yes, I know it won't really be a finished work with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Very postmodern.

Besides, that will give me an excuse to get out of NaNo what I need most in my writing. Practice. Orson Scott Card says that if you write 1,000,000 words, it is impossible not to get published. So arbitrary word count, here I come. Who's with me?


Anonymous said...

You suck! I've totally been trying to hide under the radar and dogde NaNo, but there has been this nagging pill in my ear telling me to go for it. Aagh, I hate getting called to the table.

I can't do it. NO, wait, I'm in. I don't know. Can't...think...what do...I write?

James Wood said...

I've always objected that November is in the midst of paper writing season for school. Well, I think I may need to write things for fun in the same way that I read things for fun - so that I don't hate it as much when I have to read and write for an assignment.

I'm diving in!