Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The cyborg shows off his programming: Scot McKnight on his daily routine

image I have mentioned my respect for Dr. Scot McKnight before in other blogs, and I have also made the assertion that I'm pretty sure he's a cyborg.  The guy pumps out roughly 3 blog articles a day, has a new (scholarly, thoughtful) book out every couple of months, and teaches as a professor at North Park University.

I came across a great article on his blog where he answers the question how exactly do you structure your life in such a way that all this happens and you have life left to live?

I've become something of a live-life-intentionally junkie in the past few years and have been tinkering with different approaches to daily life that enable me to live into the sort of life toward which God is calling me.  I thought I'd pass on a few thoughts from someone much wiser and more experienced at all this than me.

Go, Scot!  And make sure to keep those servos oiled...


James Wood said...

Sometimes I envy people who can be that productive. It's nice to know that it has taken him years to get there; that gives me some hope for the future. Also, he seems to have the luxury of having a consistent schedule - Having church planting, school, and coffee-making duties makes it difficult for me to stick to a schedule.

Also, he is a Calvinist, so I don't agree with that.

preacherman said...

I want you know to know that you I really enjoyed this your post. I also love the knew look as well. It is great!