Saturday, November 29, 2008

Grist for your creative mill: a treasure trove of fantasy art

Don't tell me that isn't a provocative picture.  Don't tell me that doesn't instantly tell a story you want to follow all the way until the end.  Can't you hear that guy's thoughts?  Don't you wonder why the others behind him don't see the storm brewing above their heads?

I love well-done fantasy art.  I used to think that it was hard to come by, but there are a huge number of people pumping out art by the truckload (okay, USB-drive full) and some of this stuff is really good.

Ran across this site, a huge and rabidly updated (yes I meant 'rabid' not 'rapid') collection of fantasy artists who post their work, sketches, sculptures, and comps.

Fair warning:  once in a while, something naked comes up, and other times something really psycho (and I mean disturbingly so).

But all told, there is a huge amount of high quality art being pumped out by these folks, on a scale I hardly imagined possible.  I get a hundred short story ideas a day falling out of my head from just glancing at some of the character studies and landscapes.

It makes me want to spend a week locked up in a room with no internet access, this piece of software, and one of these.

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