Saturday, January 29, 2005 posts 2004 Year in Review

My favorite film critic site on the 'net recently posted its 2004 Year in Review. As usual, I agreed with most of his assessments of last year's films. As I already mentioned in an earlier post, I thought last year was a pathetic re-mix and overall quite disappointing. Apparently, Mr. Greydanus agrees with me:

Did anything worth caring about come to cineplex screens? Anything anyone will be talking about or revisiting five or ten years from now?

Check out his list. As usual, it contains several items I haven't heard of, one of which sounded particularly interesting. It pays to have folks out there who share a lot of your movie tastes that can do the grunt work when it comes to finding decentfilms worth watching.


Gunslinger said...

If you asked me to name any decent memorable movies fro 04, I probably could't tell you what they were.

ted said...

Um, how about Napoleon Dynamite?

everyday.wonder said...

Yeah, I'm surprised that wasn't on there. I didn't say I agreed with *everything* Greydanus says, just the vast majority of it. *grin*