Monday, January 31, 2005

A little on the currents of blogging...

I've been keeping my eye on a little publication called The Weekly Standard, a political and news magazine that is reputed to be less biased than most of the other popular rags. I'm going to keep my eye on the main page for a while and lurk, just to see what they have to say about the weekly world. (As usual with political topics, I ended up looking here because of my beloved friends over at First Things.)

While on my first look over their site, I ran into an excellent discussion of how blogs are changing the face of news reporting, and in many ways, the way the internet is used. To sum up an engaging article, it comes down to this. Just like the content of this blog, very often bloggers are directing a certain small set of readers to "annotated content" all over the net. I preface a few comments, quote a few sections of articles, or post a little of my own content. My posts are often ponderings inspired by net things, supported by them, or inflamed by them, but they are always linkable, because everything is on the net. That's the beauty of blogs - I get to put the net and its topics (and they're all net topics these days) into my own perspective and bounce them back out there for comment and discussion.

Go read the article for yourself. The "Big Media" is wondering what blogs will do in the long run. The best thing about this article is that it doesn't exaggerate the importance of blogs, but it does justice to the culture that is emerging around them.

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Other popular blogs my friends often send me links from:

InstapunditLGFEconopunditThere was a great Wired article on blogs and their popularity versus Main Stream Media (aka MSM) on the web. Alas, after 40 minutes of googling and searching - I give up. It came out around Summer/Fall 2004 if you want to read it and can find it.