Thursday, June 30, 2005

Unfair distribution of equipment

Well, it's been a day and a half since our smirkey daughter was born and we're taking it an hour at a time. Melissa is on the fast track to healing: she's already switched from nasty hospital gowns to her own sweats and shirts and has been up and around a lot today. (After what she went through in the delivery room and how quickly she's recovering, I really do think she's going to wake up one day and find out she's some kind of unknown superhero kind of like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable. If she was a Marvel superhero, she'd have Shift Y healing factor, but that's another blog article entirely...)

It's been a lot of alternating care of little Katie, since neither of us know what we're doing and we wear ourselves out trying to accomodate her eating, sleeping, and strenuous-arm-flailing episodes. But we're slowly learning all the myriad ways of caring for our little one and she seems to be getting to know us as well.

And speaking of getting to know us, Katelyn is really "latching on" to one of us, if you catch my drift. They've been spending a lot of time together nursing and it's awesome to see them work together to learn how (apparently, this is something that takes a lot of technique--who would have thought?).

And despite the unfair distribution of "bonding equipment", Katelyn seems to like her daddy. I read her the rhyming Dr. Seuss book I read to her in utero and she was totally focused on my voice. Her little eyes search my face and I can stare at her little smirks and blinks for hours. I even got her to mimick sticking out my tongue!

Or was that gas?


Kevin said...

That is awesome, glad everything is going really well. Hopefully get to see you guys this weekend.

Rebecca said...

Oh, bless you both! How great and amazing and wonderful and fantastic!

Good to hear that mom and baby are doing well.

Still waiting for pics of the (what I'm assuming) perfect little bundle of beauty. Katelyn, where are you?

ted said...

When she's eating every morning at 3:00 am you won't be saying it's unfair.