Saturday, July 2, 2005

Soaking in supercooled liquid kryptonite

In my last blog article, I conjectured that Melissa might have revealed some sort of latent supergene that will lead her to put on some silly costume and go crime-fighting by night. Well, it turns out it was true. Melissa is what Professor Xavier likes to call "trans-normal" and he is currently recruiting her for the X-Men.

But what I hadn't expected was that Katelyn's super-powers would be so quick to manifest. She would obviously do so someday, since everyone knows supergenes are dominant and will run in our family for generations. But sheesh, I walk back in the hospital room from getting Melissa a tall sports bottle full of icewater and Katelyn is flying around the room and lasering anything that might be used to take her temperature or pulse.

It was twenty minutes before they could call in a pediatrics nurse with a chloroform-deploying portable enticement snare (disguised as a rubber-ducky). A few minutes later, they had her soaking in supercooled liquid kryptonite for the rest of the evening.

Don't believe me? Here's proof:

Okay, so maybe she hasn't manifested any superpowers (yet), but we did have to stay one extra night in the hospital because her bilirubin count was too high (producing jaundice, common in days-old newborns). After an unpleasant night in the UV basinet, we got to take her home today.

We'll keep you posted on any "unusual" abilities we notice.


ted said...

I remember when we were studying the digestive system in A&P and we talked for a day about bilirubin. I always wondered if there was some dude walking around named William Ruben.

And good grief, Jason. I thought my kids had lots of dark hair at birth.

Casino Weekly said...

The Force is strong with this one....