Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The launch of new blogs

So I've been threatening for a while to launch some new blogs, and after much work in the web design area, I finally got my first new one out of the gate.

A tiny bit of background first: I've always been irritated by a lack of good sites on the internet that review fantasy and science fiction in anything approaching my tastes. Nearly all the sites out there are so specialized that I can't even understand what they are saying, or they are so broad so as to praise every work to be released by Tor with phrases like "lucent, lyrical prose", "fast-paced" and "action-packed". I managed to find a movie review site out there whom I trust, and I hope to become something like that for picky fans of the fantasy genre. Someday. After I get a few more posts on: fantasticfictions.blogspot.com.

Okay, since I wrote this blog, I got inspired and launched one of the others I've been sitting on for a while. Go check out sanctuscross.blogspot.com.

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