Monday, October 15, 2007

Drift Creek Falls in a kangaroo pouch:
Recovering the lost art of hiking in our family

Had a chance to get in a little hiking, what with the invention of kangaroo pouches for the little ones. Melissa and I enjoyed a short fall hike in the coast range up at Drift Creek Falls. When I say short, I mean really short: the hike from the trailhead is just at one mile, and there isn't any dramatic elevation change. Beautiful scenery to look at on the way, and a dramatic end to the hike: Drift Creek Falls is a precipitous drop of 75 feet, and the folks up at the Forest Service were nice enough to run us up a 240 foot suspension bridge to scare the hornswoggle out of anybody with a fear of heights. This is the kind that you can jump up and down on just to see the look on your wife's face. And then expect to limp home.

If you've got a few extra minutes (like 200) on your way to or from Lincoln City on Highway 18, check out Drift Creek Falls. You'll be glad for the trip!

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