Monday, October 15, 2007

Nothing like a little latin to brighten your day.

I have recently become a late-coming fan to the show Frasier. After thoroughly burning ourselves out on Scrubs (by recording and watching at least one show every day), Melissa and I are now attempting to burn ourselves out on Frasier.

One of the episodes I saw recently had a beautiful scene in which Niles is congratulating (jealously) Frasier for taking physical action against someone who had pushed Frasier's delicate sensibilities over the edge. As Niles greets Frasier at the door, he says to him, "Well, if it isn't Mr. Floats like a lepidoptera and stings like a hymenoptera."

That might be one of the best lines in all of television history.


Lori Ann said...

We(I) have been Fraser fans when it was on T.V. I will watch reruns atleast once a day...the writing and acting is some of the best.
It actually made more sense after we moved to the northwest.(all the coffee and rain jokes)

Wilson Parrish said...

Oh Baby, I hear the blues a callin'
Tossed Salad and scrambled eggs