Friday, August 31, 2007

Katelyn loves her little sister

Katelyn is already learning to love her little sister. When she first met Sarah in the hospital, she was slightly more interested in a package of crackers on mom's bed table than she was in the strange tiny squirming baby mom was holding. We weren't quite sure what the first few weeks would hold.

Katelyn is very gentle with her sister, trying to smooth her hair, giving her tiny kisses, and generally managing not to trip and fall on Sarah while she's in the swing or in our arms.

She comes to the baby's side and asks to "holdyou", her one-word request with both arms outstretched toward little Sarah. Very carefully, we'll put Sarah in her arms, and Katelyn has the look in her eyes she always gets when she's basking in pure joy.

We've heard all the horror stories about big brothers and sisters being pretty irritated that there is now a new mouth to feed. So far, Katelyn has been great, though a little more clingy. That's been good for us, reminding us to spend extra time with her making her feel that we still love her even though there is a new chair at our dinner table. It's going to be a while before she feels settled, having to share her parents and all, but already she's the big sister, taking her responsibilities seriously.

The x-factor will come the first time Sarah decides to reach for one of Katelyn's toys. At that point, we may have to call in an impartial third-party negotiator. Perhaps Samuel Shore will be available for the job?

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Tim Lewis said...

So is this the highest rated video on YouTube for cuteness?