Monday, August 27, 2007

"Ow, hey, my face doesn't work!"
Sarah on her first day at home

I love the look on a newborn's face when they can't quite figure out how to work their eyes.

Sarah will be crying or sleeping, then suddenly, she'll get this look on her face like "Whoa, something's out there. What the heck am I looking at? Boy, he looks funny..."

The best part about second children is that you get to actually enjoy them rather than spending every waking minute frantically trying to figure out what bizarre activity will stop the angry child from crying. This time around, we've got a little more experience and so far, we've gotten along great.

We got to come home early from the hospital and have already spent one full day at home playing with our girls. We've already taken them on walks around the neighborhood and to Wal-Mart. Hey, some things just can't wait.

Stay tuned for more adventures of the growing Campbell family!


preacherman said...

She is so precious.
You are so blessed.

Lori Ann said...

Jason and Melissa!
Yea, she is so precious! We look forward to meeting her.
The Clarks